Quick Lemon Curd | Japanese Cooking Video Recipe

Quick and easy lemon curd recipe using one pot 👍

Smooth, creamy, tasty, and delicious. Perfect for filling, topping, or spread!

Quick Lemon Curd
Quick Lemon Curd

Quick Lemon Meringue Pie is coming soon!!!


Quick Lemon Curd

Difficulty: Very Easy
Time: 15min + cooling time
Number of servings: for a 16cm (6.3-inch) lemon pie

1 lemon juice (about 2 tbsp.)
1 egg
6 tbsp. sugar
4 tbsp. (50g) butter

1. Mix egg and lemon juice. Strain through a sieve into a pot.
2. Add sugar and butter, put over medium-low heat, stirring constantly, until it thicken (about 7-10 minutes). Egg scrambles over high heat, so be careful.
3. Leave to cool, then put in the fridge until cold.


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